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Give up drawing? The reason you gave up is different from what you thought

Hello! Cutie, I am Comic black rainbow.

I believe that many people must have had the idea of giving up drawing on the road to learning anime drawing.

You want more praise, but you don’t have...

You want to paint well, but you paint something bad...

You want to draw the picture in your head, but you can’t draw it...

Do you think you have no talent?

Do you think you are not suitable for drawing?

You can't see the end in front of you.

It’s like you’re lost in the dark night forest.

How much time and effort it needs to take to pass many levels so that you can reach that distant and fuzzy destination?

Feeling troublesome and helpless, and put down paintbrush, you may say “I gave up...”

Do you think the above is the mood and reason why you gave up drawing?